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Specialisations Viewer


On a project by project basis, community groups declare so-called specialisations as part of a wider documentation process. The specialisation sets are declared using a pythonic notation which can be parsed and used to generate upstream assets. One type of upstream asset is a set of JSON files that are rendered by the specialisations viewer web-application.


The online documentation search application is a pure javascript web application built using the following frameworks:

Asset Directories

The application assets are laid out with the following directory structure:

  • data

    • static JSON data files, one file per specialisation
  • media/css

    • CSS files for determining look & feel
  • media/ext

    • 3rd party libraries such as backbone & bootstrap
  • media/img

    • Image files such as logo & favicon
  • media/js

    • Set of javascript files collectively forming the application proper

Page Loading

When a user navigates to the main page, application assets are loaded into memory by the host browser. Once loaded the application commences to render the set of specialisations deemed in scope - defaults to the CMIP6 specialisation set.


  • For each specialisation set, one constrain the set of rendered specialisation by filtering by topic and/or sub-topic.

Event Loop

The internal design of the application revolves an event loop:

  • a set of decoupled components communicate with each other via events

  • each event has a unique type identifier, e.g. topic:update

  • a component executes code in response to an event by hooking into the application's internal event stream:

APP.on("topic:update", function (eventData) {
    ... code ...

View Templates

The application is built around a single view file that loads view templates from the application's index.html file. Each view template is declared as a script of type underscore/template. Once loaded into memory the template is parsed & interpolated. The end result is HTML ready for rendering.

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