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Documentation Explorer

Application Design

The explorer is a pure javascript web application built using the Vue JS framework. It is split into a set of sub-components:

  • api

    • functions responsible for communicating with backend web services
  • views

    • pages presented to a user
  • router

    • routes URLs to views
  • store

    • data cached in memory for rendering
  • models

    • data structures useful for rendering
  • components

    • UI elements used within views
  • utils

    • various utility functions

Technical Notes

  • The explorer consumes data from both the vocabulary & documentation backend web-services

  • Some data is packaged as static files - they may be found within the INSTALL_DIR/src/static sub-folder

  • The various views are simple wrappers around so-called sub-explorers:

    • CIM v2 Model Documentation

    • CMIP6 Further Information

    • CMIP6 Model Comparator

  • The explorer can render a wide set of CIM v2 documents

  • The explorer exposes clean URLs such as

  • All components within the INSTALL_DIR/src/components sub-folder are prefixed with The if the component is deemed a singleton

  • VueJS standards and conventions are adopted as much as possible

GitHub Repository