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Model Comparator

The ES-DOC documentation archive contains both CMIP5 & CMIP6 climate model documentation. By combining the archived documentation with the associated specialisations, one can perform a form of model inter-comparison.

Documentation Indexation

An indexer processes the set of documents & emits a highly compressed indexation file. The indexation file is a mapping of the input documents to a set of nodes and edges.

Each node is a 3 member tuple:

  • node-type

    • 0 = institute-id
    • 1 = source-id
    • 2 = specialisation-topic
    • 3 = specialisation-property
    • 4 = specialisation-property-value
  • node-idx

    • an ordinal integer
    • derived from the node's position within it's containing collection
  • node-key

    • a unique key within containing collection
    • either a canonical name or a specialisation id

Each edge is a 5 member tuple:

  • institute-idx
  • source-idx
  • specialisation-topic-idx
  • specialisation-property-idx
  • specialisation-property-value-idx

User Interface

The compressed indexation file is imported into the esdoc-explorer. Within the explorer a dedicated parser transforms the indexation file into data structures suitable for rendering. The explorer also loads into memory the set of associated controlled vocabularies.

A set of Vue components have been developed to allow a user to select:

  • a set of models
  • a set of specialisations

Upon selection a CSV file can be downloaded and subsequently imported into a spreadsheet program.